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Volume 3 / March 2018

march is a celebration

March is an exciting month! We celebrate not only St. Patrick’s Day but also the first day of spring and March Madness! The most important celebrations this month for us here at Chatham Dental are National Dentists Day and National Dental Assistants week.

Our Dentist and Assistants

We are so appreciative of the staff that makes up our family-owned office. Working in a small practice requires a great amount of positivity and teamwork. Dr. Lonergan and the assistants work together for all fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, and the like. March is a great month to celebrate both assistants and dentists and the hard work they put in to making our smiles their very best!

Dr. Lonergan

National Dentists day is March 6th and our doctor is worth celebrating! Dr. Tim Lonergan started this practice 33 years ago and has been working hard here ever since. Respect and kindness are his first priority for everyone he meets. He puts in great effort to give the best dental care he possibly can while also giving back to his community. We are giving great thanks to our wonderful doctor this month!

Our Dental Assistants

National dental assistant week is March 4th through March 10th. To be a successful dentist it is important to have great assistants at your side. Our assistants, Leeann and Stacia, have put in countless hours of training and continue to learn through new courses and conferences. They put in great effort to work hand-in-hand with Dr. Lonergan to deliver the best care for our patients. Thank you both for your dedication to our patients!

Each member of our team is crucial to running a successful office. March is a great time to honor our dentist and assistants for all they do!

we value your opinions

Our office staff reads every review that is posted about our business. We appreciate your thoughts on how our office is performing, whether it is good or bad. After each appointment we send out an email asking our patients to review their experience. We encourage you to fill out our survey and leave any comments you would like us to review!

Reviews on websites

Having a digital presence is becoming increasingly important in our world filled with computers, tablets, and smartphones. We want patients in need of dental care to be able to turn to us and know that we can help them. Reviews are an important resource for the community to know how we treat our patients. Whether it be on Google, Yelp, or Facebook we ask that you review our office to let everyone know your opinions about your experience at our office. We can also learn how to better our office from these reviews. Please consider reviewing us today!

Thank you for all of your support

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